Titan Films

Titan Films, formerly known as five river films production, has been in the business of making action films for global audiences since its launch in 1993. Every project is carefully crafted from inception to distribution, guaranteeing a thoughtful and well-executed cinematic offering.Boasting an impressive list of film credits, Titan’s repertoire includes:

Final Goal – Starring Erik Estrada and Steve Nijjar

Safety Zone– Starring Steve Nijjar, Loren Avedon and Matthias Hues

Protector – Starring Steve Nijjar, Frank Zagraneo and Matthias Hues

Soccer Dreams – Steve Nijjar, Executive Producer

The Last King – Starring Steve Nijjar, Jules Hartley, Victore Altamore, BK Singh, Rakhra and Mark Poyser


Future :
My Father the Hero
Battle of Saragarhi